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Dedicated to the empowerment of children, youths and future leaders of the nation!

All Aboard Young Leaders Centre is dedicated to the empowerment of youths and children. A home grown Sarawak – Borneo social enterprise, we aspire to help young people discover themselves and grow into confident individuals, innovative thinkers and problem solvers with a heart for the community.

Home grown, from the community to the community.

There’s a famous saying, there are two very important things we should give to our children; one is roots, and the other, wings. With this philosophy in mind, we provide a range of programmes and services to grow young people into responsible leaders and changemakers of tomorrow.


A space for kids and teens to discover their interest and be inspired to create with technology


We design and deliver hands-on leadership programmes, workshops, camps and engaging talks


We provide platforms for leadership to be demonstrated. Be a part of our high-impact sustainable community projects

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    Paul Croves

    Paul Croves

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    John Adams

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    Jane Doe

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    Diedre Downing

    Diedre Downing

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    Dave Young

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    Bonnie odd

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to design and deliver high impact sustainable programmes for youths and children

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