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I ended up learning from the kids more than I had known - they're at the age where nothing's stopping them to want to grow. If they wanna build, they will. If they want to make a flying rainbow fighting robot cat, they can. If they want to make their plants walk, they probably could too
Khairina Khatib

Bachelor in Science (Applied Geology Hons.)
It is important to inspire the kids that I am now mentoring; but it is also equally important to emphasize the moral aspects - learn to respect peers and be humble! Knowledge is only as powerful as the person using it
Alvin Lau

Bachelor Degree of Electrical Power Engineering
As a mentor, model positive traits even when things aren’t going as I had envisioned them. Be resilient and try to find a way to reboot your brain for your preparation of the class. Keep your cool when things isn’t working as expected. Refocus at the session and try to think a bigger picture
Melissa Syra

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil & Construction)
Challenge yourself. Mentoring can “tech” your breath away!
Gillian Harold

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical
The belief that every single child has untapped potentials to do great things for the world; and the good values we will be nurturing are important realizations to start your journey as a mentor
Lancelot Chong

System Validation and Debug Engineer
Intel Corporation

Chumbaka Alumni (Mentor)
Aug 2017 – Dec 2018
Learning is a continuous and a never-ending journey. While we are used to a "systematic" approach to learning where we are segregated by age groups and ranked through examinations, the children have shown me that we are all different. We learn at different pace through different methods and techniques. What is more important is to enjoy the journey of learning
Muhammad Afiq Kamel

Research Postgraduate
Imperial College London

Chumbaka Alumni (Mentor)
Jan 2018 – Jan 2019
As a working adult (now), I realized one of the most important things that push propel me forward in my career are is the soft skills that I gained as a mentor
Bong Chu Jun

Automation and Control Engineer
Ultech Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

Chumbaka Alumni (Mentor)
Jan 2019 – Mar 2019
The most rewarding aspects of being an intern is the freedom to do self-exploration and opportunity to experiment with numerous softwares and hardwares
Faizul Hadiman

Bachelor in Computer Sciences
(Software Engineering)

All Aboard Young Leaders Centre Alumni
(February - July 2020)
The most rewarding aspects of being an intern is the freedom to do self-exploration and opportunity to experiment with numerous softwares and hardwares
Michael Lian Gau

Software Engineer
Sarawak Information Systems Sdn Bhd

All Aboard Young Leaders Centre Alumni
(July 2019 – February 2020)