Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent

Maker's Hall

All Aboard Young Leader Centre has been around since 2016 and had witnessed some of the greatest invention and innovation by the student young makers. They continuously exhibit creativity and hard work as well as display the profound effort and determination as reflected by the various collection of projects. We are very proud to present these wonderful projects to everyone.


Level 2 Co-curriculum

Digital Animation
Project Gallery

A project made by Jayvent! Where he shares his project on life cycle of a Frog

A project made by Xuan! Explore what living as a lizard feels like!

Coding and Algorithm
Project Gallery

A project made by Ashley! Have a sneak peek on how her virtual pet looks like

A little twist in approaching a virtual pet project by making a mini virtual pet Goku from Dragonball by Nathan!

Physical Computing
Project Gallery

One of our lab activities, where Adhvait explore making a musical fountain project that reacts from sounds

Final project made by Jordan to showcase his creation, Frederick Van Dye Na Sar!

Game Development
Project Gallery

Here’s Jacob final project where he recreates the Chrome Dino for his final project through Scratch!

Level 3 Co-curriculum

HCI and Machine Learning
Project Gallery

Embedded System
Project Gallery

Mobile Apps
Project Gallery

AR and VR
Project Gallery

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