Grab the opportunity to
make a difference

Develop your tech and leadership skills while empowering the younger generation to be confident individuals, innovative thinkers and problem solvers with a heart for the community. Come and join us!

We promise you lots of meaningful and fulfilling work, time to work on your creative muscles, memorable moments with our young ones, opportunity to meet new & interesting people, bits of adventures, some nerdy (and #aunty) jokes and a chance to make a difference in the community!

To apply, send your CV to

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What is the role of a mentor?

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What is the role of an intern?

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Do you have the 3Hs we’re looking for?

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Enjoys working with children
as they’re our most important stakeholder

Wants to make a difference in the community
and touch lives

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Interested in learning
not just for the children, but for your own development & growth too

Positive energy
with a passionate, self-driven, ‘can-do’ attitude

Asset 18

Good communication skills
including verbal fluency in English & sensitivity to non-verbal cues

Possesses technical/digital skills
is a definite bonus


Chumbaka Intern - Faizul

The most rewarding aspects of being an intern is the freedom to do self-exploration and opportunity to experiment with numerous softwares and hardwares



Faizul Hadiman
Bachelor in Computer Sciences (Software Engineering)
Chumbaka Miri Intern (February 2020 – Current)

Chumbaka Intern - Michael

At Chumbaka, we don’t ‘teach’. We ‘mentor’, which I enjoyed a lot




Michael Lian Gau
Bachelor in Computer Sciences (Software Engineering)
Chumbaka Miri Intern (July 2019 – February 2020)