There are two very important things we should give to our children; one is roots, and the other, wings

Our tech programme

Danial - Chumbaka student
  • In partnership with Chumbaka Asia, a Penang-based social enterprise (certified by the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development (MED) Malaysia
  • Learning and developing life skills through technology
  • Covers important technology and essential life skills using open source hardware and software
  • Provides real-life challenges that develop hearts and minds
  • Caters to different pace and style of learning

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Our leadership programme

Leadership session - SCaT Fair 2019
  • In-house programme customised and tailored based on the community’s specific needs
  • Learning and developing life skills through hands-on projects
  • Created through collaborative discussions
  • Empowerment of school leaders, lead teachers and students

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Our approach

Experiential in nature, with emphasis on hands-on learning

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